Friday, 2 June 2017

Importance of Umrah and Quran for Muslims

There are many books in the world which have their own unique significance due to many qualities which these books can have. Some are famous for their incredible stories, some are significant for their historic background while some may be important due to any scientific knowledge in them. Some books are important due to any moral lesson given in them to the people going with Umrah Experts low price 3 star Hajj 2018 Offers with group from London with hotel and flight. It is hard to find a single book that has all the qualities combined into it. The only book in the world which has given a complete set of guidance to the people is the holy book Quran. It is the most sacred book for the Muslims present in the whole world.

Others books may or may not be authentic because there are possibilities that changes can be done in these books by the people, but Quran will always remain authentic due to the promise that Allah has made to the people about the protection of this holy book. Allah Almighty himself has taken the responsibility for taking care of each single Ayat of Quran due to which it is not possible to spread a wrong version of Quran among the people. The words of Quran will remain same till the Day of Judgment. In West, many researchers have been done on the verses of Quran due to certain signs given in them by Allah Almighty. Not only the Muslims have been studying hard to figure out the meaning of those signs, but also the Non-Muslims are showing their keen interest in Quran because the verses of Quran have been proven by science day by day.

Moreover, the Islamic incidents of past are mentioned in Quran. So when Muslims read them, all the beautiful memories of Islam are revived back in their minds and they feel attached to their religion Islam. Since Muslims believe in the life hereafter, they should also make preparations for that eternal life by performing the holy obligations like Umrah by Umrah Experts affordable 2018 Hajj offer with group from London with hotel and flight8 and by following other pilgrims of Islam like offering Namaz, Hajj, Fast etc. We should try to read Quran with proper translation so that we can understand the hidden meaning in it which has been given by our Lord. Not only should we read it, but should also teach it to those who cannot read Quran as it is also a type of Sadqah.

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