Saturday, 7 October 2017

Is the Begging Haram in Islam?

Making effort and earning one’s own living, the Islam sets excessive emphasis on it rather than going out request others for it for without any purpose. It also tactics for all where every person grows its unpaid share, a well-stable Muslim civilization. Trough an obligatory action of Zakat, those who are able to give their money to help out others in need. According to Quran, 

“And from their assets was [given] the premise of the [needy] supplicant and the deprived.” 

The above-stated Quranic verse shows that, who have sufficient wealth in the worldly life and those who take care of the deprived people through it are great followers of Allah and His Messenger. The Holy Prophet said that and narrated by Abu Huraira (R.A), 

“The poor person is not the one who goes everywhere the people (begging them) and is sacked with one or two scraps, and one or two dates. The poor is that who has not enough (money) to mollify his requirements, his state is not known to others that they may give him something in assistance, nor does he request of people.” (Bukhari and Muslim) 

This explains the who are true poor person and the thought of deficiency in the Islam be subject to the fact how much a lesser amount of one owns in order to ensemble its regular life requirements. 

What is the Correct Way of Treating Beggars? 

You should do some effort to earn money and fulfill your desire because Islam has harshly prohibited from begging others for money. According to a Hadith, narrated by Abu Huraira (R.A),

“It is well for one between you to carry a weight of kindling on his backbone and give Zakat out of it and be self-governing of people, then that he should beg from people, whether they give him anything or garbage him. Verily the upper hand is better than the lower hand, and begin with your dependents.” (Muslim) 

Therefore, who are able to fulfill his needs, should never ask others for prosperity and he should aid others and become self-influential. You should donate your money to the poor for the sake of pleasing the Allah. Allah says in Quran, 

“So as for the orphan, don’t dominate [him]. And as for the supplicant, don’t keep away [him].” [Quran, 93: 9-10] 

Therefore, if someone is asking for a favor, just because of this, a believer is not allowed to keep away. You should not think about begging point of view, just think in a pleasant way and give them charity and circumvent from aberrant them. You should help your poor relatives and take them along on Umrah and Hajj with umrah packages 2018 uk in a pleasant manner and get Allah’s blessings.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Importance of Umrah and Quran for Muslims

There are many books in the world which have their own unique significance due to many qualities which these books can have. Some are famous for their incredible stories, some are significant for their historic background while some may be important due to any scientific knowledge in them. Some books are important due to any moral lesson given in them to the people going with hajj packages 2018. It is hard to find a single book that has all the qualities combined into it. The only book in the world which has given a complete set of guidance to the people is the holy book Quran. It is the most sacred book for the Muslims present in the whole world.

Others books may or may not be authentic because there are possibilities that changes can be done in these books by the people, but Quran will always remain authentic due to the promise that Allah has made to the people about the protection of this holy book. Allah Almighty himself has taken the responsibility for taking care of each single Ayat of Quran due to which it is not possible to spread a wrong version of Quran among the people. The words of Quran will remain same till the Day of Judgment. In West, many researchers have been done on the verses of Quran due to certain signs given in them by Allah Almighty. Not only the Muslims have been studying hard to figure out the meaning of those signs, but also the Non-Muslims are showing their keen interest in Quran because the verses of Quran have been proven by science day by day.

Moreover, the Islamic incidents of past are mentioned in Quran. So when Muslims read them, all the beautiful memories of Islam are revived back in their minds and they feel attached to their religion Islam. Since Muslims believe in the life hereafter, they should also make preparations for that eternal life by performing the holy obligations like Umrah by umrah packages 2018 and by following other pilgrims of Islam like offering Namaz, Hajj, Fast etc. We should try to read Quran with proper translation so that we can understand the hidden meaning in it which has been given by our Lord. Not only should we read it, but should also teach it to those who cannot read Quran as it is also a type of Sadqah.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Concept of Hajj-e-Badal in Islam

Haj-e-Badal means that if a person is financially stable enough but not in a healthy state physically or mentally, then that person sends another person on his behalf to perform the obligation of Hajj through his money. Also, some people mention in their will that if they die, then one of their relative perform hajj on their behalf with their left money. Many questions has aroused on the issue of hajj-e-Badal and various scholars give different answer to the question. These days it has become a fashion to perform the hajj more than once even if the person on whose behalf you are about to perform hajj has not given any statement in his will. But still people continue to perform hajj each year in the name of their relatives because they have enough money to do so. 

Many scholars don’t allow Muslims to perform Haj-e-Badal because Hajj is obligatory only on those who are financially and physically stable enough. It has been mentioned in Quran that no one else will bear the problem for another person and there is nothing present for a person accept the thing for which he struggle for. In the light of this Ayat, if someone is unable to perform the Hajj then Allah has not made it compulsory for him to perform it and he should not tell the other person to perform on his behalf. Each year many people avail the packages like Luxury Hotels Non Shifting Hajj Package with tickets to perform the holy obligation of Hajj either for themselves or for someone else. It is recommended to such people that they should perform it for themselves and if they have done Hajj once, then instead of doing it twice they should help a needy person in performing Hajj. 

Once a man came to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and said that his sister had taken a promise from him that if she dies, his brother would perform Hajj on his sister’s behalf. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked the man that is he going to perform the Hajj with an intention that it is a debt on him by his sister? The man replied yes. Then Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that all debts are for Allah and one should only do an act for Allah alone. Therefore, it can be concluded that although it might not be wrong to perform Hajj on someone’s behalf but still one should avoid it and should only perform it for himself if he is financially and physically stable enough, otherwise Hajj is not compulsory.

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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Worldwide Pilgrims Performing Hajj

Hajj and every last bit of its highlights customs associated with the life of Prophet Ibrahim (A. S) which is key to perform in a specific time, however, Umrah can be performed whenever aside from five days of the Hajj. Worldwide Pilgrims like to profit the adapted made Luxury Hajj 2018 Package that are outlined by restricted budgets, including the ticketing office, visa process, accommodation facilities or sanctuary reservation and so forth. Islamic customs Hajj and Umrah set the sentiments of things among all the Muslims paying little respect to their eminence, dimness and faith that firm accentuation on the way that all are one according to the Allah Almighty. 

Hajj embodied Tawaaf (clockwise development around Kaabah), Al-Safa & Al-Marwa, drinking Zamzam and stoning the Saytan Monuments in Minah, yet Umrah just incorporates the Tawaaf. Visit administrator makes this voyage simple for the overall voyaging group by offering prudent flight deals alongside the world best carriers that guarantee the quiet holy tour for them. Muslims travelers to the holy land of Arabia, also falls a victim of the fraudulent travel planners who just deceive the Muslims for a few bucks. The planning deals secured the substance of a wide range of components that displays like a magnet to draw in the overall Muslim travelers for accomplishing their brilliant administrations. This is This is painstaking the first step designed for any pilgrim desiring to perform hajj. To enter the state of Ihram, a visitor has to decree an intention to perform hajj called the paradise of the al mighty. This is when a pilgrim makes one’s soul, mind and body for journey to the Massive God. Entering the stage that is a place which is outside the journey area. 

It is required by the Muslims, that before taking the services of any Hajj agent, and investing their valued money to them, do verify the authenticity of the travel agency. Cheap Hajj packages are additionally designed for the convenience of the pilgrims.