Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Concept of Hajj-e-Badal in Islam

Haj-e-Badal means that if a person is financially stable enough but not in a healthy state physically or mentally, then that person sends another person on his behalf to perform the obligation of inexpensive Three star Hajj 2018 packages with group from London with hotel and flight through his money. Also, some people mention in their will that if they die, then one of their relative perform hajj on their behalf with their left money. Many questions has aroused on the issue of hajj-e-Badal and various scholars give different answer to the question. These days it has become a fashion to perform the hajj more than once even if the person on whose behalf you are about to perform hajj has not given any statement in his will. But still people continue to perform hajj each year in the name of their relatives because they have enough money to do so. 

Many scholars don’t allow Muslims to perform Haj-e-Badal because Hajj is obligatory only on those who are financially and physically stable enough. It has been mentioned in Quran that no one else will bear the problem for another person and there is nothing present for a person accept the thing for which he struggle for. In the light of this Ayat, if someone is unable to perform the Hajj then Allah has not made it compulsory for him to perform it and he should not tell the other person to perform on his behalf. Each year many people avail the packages like Non Shifting Hajj Package with tickets to perform the holy obligation of Hajj either for themselves or for someone else. It is recommended to such people that they should perform it for themselves and if they have done Hajj once, then instead of doing it twice they should help a needy person in performing Hajj. 

Once a man came to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and said that his sister had taken a promise from him that if she dies, his brother would perform Hajj on his sister’s behalf. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked the man that is he going to perform the Umrah Experts low cost Hajj 2018 package with group from London with hotel and flight with an intention that it is a debt on him by his sister? The man replied yes. Then Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that all debts are for Allah and one should only do an act for Allah alone. Therefore, it can be concluded that although it might not be wrong to perform Hajj on someone’s behalf but still one should avoid it and should only perform it for himself if he is financially and physically stable enough, otherwise Hajj is not compulsory.

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